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Sight-Blinder Crossfire-Reducer Details

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Sight-Blinder Crossfire-Reducer The Sight-Blinder Crossfire-Reducer can be used with your front bead on your shotgun or our front bead named Brite-Site FC; it is fiber optic and 1 inches long. A right-shoulder shooter can block vision of the left eye from seeing the front bead, by placing the blinder to stick upward on the left side of the rib. For a left shoulder shooter, turn the blinder around and it will stick upward on the right side of the rib and block the right eye vision from seeing the front bead. The Sight-Blinder has black finish on steel and fits all ribs wider than 1/4 inch. It is secured to the rib by strong 2-sided adhesive, which is on the blinder when you get it. Please read crossfire information in Vari-Brite-Site III description above for better understanding.

Many shooters use our Sight-Blinder as the first step of insurance against crossfireing; it is quick and easy to apply and so thin you hardly know it is on your gun.

Sight-Blinder Crossfire-Reducer   Sight-Blinder Crossfire-Reducer

If your eyes change in the future and you need more help, consider using our 3-color Brite-Site-FC fiber optic sight with this Sight-Blinder; there are several advantages. See the photo below. Order items separately.


Sight-Blinder Crossfire-Reducer Models

Catalog No. SB-1

Price: $23.95

SB-1 Extra Tape

SB-1 Tape

Catalog No. SB-T

Extra 2-Sided Tape for SB-1

Price: $4.49


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