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Back in Stock With Improvements
Rest the gun weight on the cement and save your energy for better shooting! The Muzzle-Rest is not visible when aiming the shotgun. Easy to apply, strong 2-sided adhesive secures the black steel rest to the 12 gauge barrel; it does not damage the gun barrel and can easily be removed, click back of package to see how. A Delrin® bumper will pull off for replacement, or to fit into your gun case. Bumper length extends inch beyond barrel or long choke tubes. The MR-1 Bumper is .85 inch long intended for regular barrels or with flush internal chokes. The MR-2 Bumper is 1.25 inch long for extended chokes. Bumpers are removable on/off by hand force of 10 to 15 pounds.

You are not distracted on the firing-line by having to move a pad or magnetic sponge from station to station as you are shooting; the Muzzle-Rest is always ready on your gun.

Some advantages are: does not restrict the way you stand when resting; safer than resting gun on your foot; you do not have to attend loose parts on and off the firing line; the Muzzle-Rest on your gun is always there when you need it.

Muzzle-Rest   Muzzle-Rest


Muzzle-Rest Models

Catalog No. MR-1
Regular Bumper

Price: $26.95

Catalog No. MR-2
Long Bumper

Price: $26.95

Extra Tape for MR-1 or MR-2

MR-2 Tape

Catalog No. MR-T

Extra 2-Sided Tape for MR-1 or MR-2

Price: $4.95


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