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Convert-A-Stock® Pad System Details

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Convert-A-Stock® Pad System The pad system adds versatility to shotguns for use in hunting or competition where the point of impact needs to be different. Size of the pad is designed to fit a wide range of gunstocks while leaving the beauty of wood exposed; it is 5 3/4 inches by 8 inches. A field stock can be changed to trap dimensions by using our tapered spacer (ask about this), it can change the tilt of a field stock, making it similar to a flat Monte Carlo style. Attachment instructions are very easy to apply to your shotgun or rifle gunstocks.

The Variable Convert-A-stock® Pad system is unique and Patented and has helped many shooters shoot better; they are very satisfied with the secure and durable performance; the elasticity gives a conforming fit when stretched and stays in place. This product changes height faster than the sawed-out type of adjustable comb that requires an Allen wrench adjustment for locking. An extra spacer or two can be stored under the cover on the side away from your face, ready if you need to raise height; also, removal of a spacer can be stored there. You may want to make a change during competitive shooting, in an instant on the line, or if another person uses your shotgun and requires a different fit.

The color is dark brown and enhances the colors of shotguns. The adhesive backed Velcro® stock fasteners do not damage the finish of the usual gunstocks. This is an asset for use on the Old Classic Valuable Shotguns where you do not want to permanently alter the gunstock; the same applies to your fine and expensive competition or hunting guns. When installing or removing the fasteners on the stock, warm-up with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive from the gunstock. Velcro® is so durable that detachment of the cover to change spacer height works many thousands of times.

On the back of the package is a dotted-line cut-off for saving with your shooting gear, it is loaded with good information that explains the preferred pattern heights used for various types of shooting, and how the increments of pad spacers change the height of pattern Point-of-impact. Please read more on the back of the package.

Additional advantages of the Convert-A-Stock® Pad are significant reduction of gun noise conducted to your hearing, and controlling cast-on / cast-off to fit your face right and left.

Convert-A-Stock® Pad System   Convert-A-Stock® Pad System


Convert-A-Stock® Pad Models

Catalog No. VCS-8
Makes 8 increments 1/16 thru 1/2 inch.
Price: $33.95


Extra Stock Fasteners For Convert-A-Stock® Pads

The pair of stock fasteners is dark brown and is the fuzzy side of the hook and loop fastener system. Fasteners fit all models of Convert-A-Stock Pads and are 5 inches long by 1 inch. If you shoot without the pad over the comb, presence of fasteners is no problem.

Convert-A-Stock® Pad System   Convert-A-Stock® Pad System

Catalog No. CSF-1

Extra Stock Fasteners for VCS-8
Price: $5.95


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